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​Please stay off of your driveway 5-7 days with your car/truck if possible.

You may walk on it but a car or truck will tarnish the smooth finish.

​The driveway will take roughly 90-120 days for it to fully cure, when we put it down the temperatures ran around 350 degrees. In hot weather your driveway will heat back up and become more vulnerable to damage.

​During this period any small pointed item could poke a hole in your driveway I.E. bike kick stands, lawn chairs, high heels, and ladders.

​Please try not to drive off the edges of your driveway because it will fracture and cause pieces to break off.

​When pulling in and backing out do not crank your tires without the vehicle moving. If you sit and turn the wheel the power steering will peel or crinkle the finish and make two rough spots.

​If you have a RV or camper, please try not to park them on the driveway for longer periods of time.  With them weighing so much they could end up leaving depressions or birdbaths where the tires were.

Gas and oil will damage and deteriorate the surface no matter how many years after the driveway was put in.

​Some areas make look a little rough, that is to be expected. It is just the parts that the paver could not reach and we had to put it down by hand. Or could be places where we need to put it in to help with better drainage. The minimum drainage tolerance is 2 inches for every 10 feet. The driveway may be constructed lower than the road or surrounding elevations. Areas such as these are always difficult to achieve 100% drainage.

​Please wait at least 1 year before sealing. This will allow enough time for your black top to cure. When sealed, it should help take away the rough look in the handwork and make the driveway all a similar smoothness.

​And finally the cleaner you keep your driveway from debris (i.e. leaves, pine needles and grass) the longer life it will have! 

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